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Vehicle wash

Water is one our most precious resources. Today's necessity for water conservation has greatly impacted the professional car wash industry. With greater consumer consciousness and stricter environmental regulations, Hydroblend continues to strive towards the protection of our natural resources.

Your products' benefit will go largely unrealized if the concentrates are mixed improperly or if the metering equipment is a source of aggravation. We believe the Hydroblend will ensure that you realize the full benefits and potential of your products.

The Hydroblend has few moving parts and its operating principle is straightforward. Should any service or maintenance be required it can be accomplished easily by in plant personnel with a minimum amount of down time.

Because the chemical components are isolated from the "water motor" all Hydroblends are application specific. We choose the combination of materials of construction that offer the greatest resistance to the chemicals being diluted.

The precision stainless steel chemical piston assembly in combination with the easy to read calibrated guide clearly identifies the dilution ratio.

Adjusting the amount of chemical injected is simple and repeatable, for every unit, every time.

Industry specific, dual and triple injection proportioners are available for your vehicle wash needs.

The Hydroblend Proportioner is ideal for:

  • Presoak
  • Engine and Tire Cleaners
  • Conditioners, Protectants and Drying Agents
  • Foaming Cleaners
  • Low Dilution Windshield Washer Concentrates

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